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This is an adventure that accesses parts of you that you had no idea that existed and somehow forces you to find out that you are capable of so much more than you thought. It will push you outside of your comfort zone and make you feel strong and confident… afterwards!
It is the perfect balance between Yin and Yang. Yoga for mindfulness, peace, and more space in body and mind paired with MTB moments on selected trails in the middle of nowhere.
There is no doubt about it, those two activities mixed together improves balance, focus, strength and flexibility that help you find your better self.

HELGA SNJÓLFSDÓTTIR is an experienced Yoga Instructor and MTB lover. She discovered yoga in her late teens and has been passionate about yoga, meditation and spirituality for the past 20 years. 7 years ago she started teaching and sharing her knowledge and experience with students at Yoga Shala Reykjavik as well as through other projects and collaborations.

She loves teaching accessible Yoga Flow classes where all students can thrive and and find their edge regardless of their experience, she also believes in the power of Meditation, Yin Yoga and Yoga Nidra to balance active lifestyles in the demands of modern culture.

She discovered MTB in the year 2014 and met Anna, Bike Company´s owner on her first behind the mountains MTB tour. Needless to say it was amazing! She is thrilled to be collaborating on MTB + yoga trips and looks forward to customizing yoga programs for each tour and group.

Anna Asbjornsdottir bike company
ANNA KRISTÍN ÁSBJÖRNSDÓTTIR is the owner and the general manager of Bike Company.
In 2014, Anna organized the first “only women” weekend adventure called “MountainBikeRock”. It has been since then an integral part of many Icelandic female mountain bikers, who attend the tour each and every year.

She is a natural born pioneer and her knowledge and experience as a mountain guide is unique when it comes to planning mountain bike tours in Iceland.

Anna discovered Yoga when she met Helga on this tour and has since then been practicing it occasionally along with meditation.
This year we have decided to share this unique experience with the worldwide female riders community by welcome them to join us.

We will pick you up at your hotel or at the airport in the afternoon. After a quick stop at our office we drive about 2-hours along the south coast into the highlands. There will be a dinner stop on the way in one of our favorite local restaurants in the countryside. Later in the evening we get settle in our mountain hut home where we spend our next three nights.

Rise and shine early in the morning with the first Yoga session. After a delicious breakfast a short shuttle to the starting point of our ride in the middle of the highland desert. Today´s ride is mixed with challenging single rides and remoted mountain trails. We will drop down into valleys, crossing few cold rivers before ending the ride in front of our comfortable mountain hut. Yoga and stretching before a homemade dinner made by your guides.

Yoga in the morning followed by breakfast. We start and end the ride of the day at our mountain hut. The trail will lead us on a top of a secret mountain for a spectacular view of the surrounding landscape. Yoga and stretching before a homemade dinner made by your guides. It is our last night together in the mountains, so it's a fiesta with traditionally Icelandic dish, that leaves nothing to be desired for gourmets.

Our last Yoga morning session. After the breakfast we pack our bags and get ready for a new adventure. The last trail is a great highland road that follows the river Ytri-Rangá all the way down to the farmland. The view is magnificent with Hekla volcano overlooking us on our left. The perfect way to end the day is to visit a thermal pool and experience Iceland's healing energy at the same time. A healthy swim and a soak in the hot Jacuzzi leave you feeling in tune with body and soul. About a two hours drive back to Reykjavík after our last ride, early enough to enjoy our evening in one of the city's restaurants.

For smaller and bigger groups who prefer to travel together we do quote prices with the date and time you choose. Please contact us for more information via info@bikecompany.is

PRICE: 1,250 € per person.

  • Expert local female leadership
  • All transports during the trip and assistance vehicle to carry the luggage
  • Accommodation in a hut
  • All meals and snacks from breakfast on day 2 to lunch on day 4
  • Accommodation and meals in Reykjavik before and after the trip
  • Your mountain bike and a helmet
  • Trip insurance
  • Personal items like drinks, snacks and energy supplements

GROUP SIZE: Maximum 9 participants.

LEVEL: This tour is designed for a open minded female mountain yoga-biker in good physical shape. Previous mountain yoga or biking experience is not required, and you will not be confronted with very technical sections. You don’t have to be an advanced biker or yoga practicant, and you don’t have to be super fit for this trip. Most of those who join us have these qualifications to varying degrees and one compensates another. If you lack skill, you may be fine with good fitness, and if you are very skilled, you may do well with less fitness. Most part of the trails are on gravel roads that can be quite rough along with some single track and short technical up- and downhill sections that can easily be hike-a-biked for those less experienced.

YOUR SAFETY: Our trips take place in remote regions where limited evacuation options are available. Bear in mind, there are always risks and hazards on the trails that we ride. If you choose to participate in our trips, it is up to you to ride well within your limits, to ride conservatively and to be safe as mountain biking is a dangerous sport. Participants must keep their bikes in good working condition; they must be hydrated and rested and alcohol and drugs are not permitted while riding. Our guides have basic first aid training and if a serious injury is suspected they will call for a helicopter search and rescue at the cost of the participant. Personal medical travel insurance is mandatory.

THE LODGING: Our chose for this adventure is a very comfortable, charming mountain hut in a unique location with amazing views and peaceful surroundings.

THE FOOD: Cuisine is the Iceland's best and we can customize your dinner if you have any dietary considerations as vegetarian, ketos, dairy free or lactose intolerant, for example.

WATER - DRINKS ARE ON US! Kranavatn is a premium drink, naturally filtered through layers of lava to make it fresh and tasty for you. It is available all around Iceland, and it is totally free.

THE BOOZE... It is not always possible to stop at the liquor store in Iceland after the trip has started. We highly recommend that you stop at the tax-free store at the airport if you wish to have a wine or beer with you in the trip.

THE YOGA PRACTISE: The yoga sessions will vary and cater to the time of day, group’s energy level, atmosphere and the rides of the day. Our instructor will offer accessible Yoga Flow, Yin Yoga, Yoga Nidra, and guided meditation, and of course make sure to seize opportunities for unforgettable wilderness Yoga moments. Yoga mats and other necessary accessories will be provided and music and room setup provide for the appropriate ambiance. You are of course welcome to bring your own mat.

THE BIKES: If you bring your own bike you are required to have it in excellent working order before the trip begins. You also need to bring couple of tubes with you and at least one set of brake pads (organic are better here than sintered as they don’t overheat) and keep them in your pack along with a spare mech hanger and any other specialist tools or spares specific to your own bike.

WHAT CLOTHES SHOULD I BRING? Based on our experience cycling clothes, gloves and shoes that are built for winter / autumn riding in the US or Europe typically works well in Icelandic highland summers. Expect to wade rivers, and bike over number of small creeks. IMPORTANT: We discourage the use of cotton and recommend strongly bringing comfortable and adequate clothing, such as polypropylene and wool/synthetic blends. We also recommend that you bring a good back pack (ca. 10l) with bladder as we are out riding for the day, so along with at least 1l of water you’ll need room for your packed lunch, extra layers and spares. Don’t forget to bring a high factor sunblock, as the sun here is very strong.

CLOTHES WASHING FACILITIES There are clothes washing facilities in the house, but any wet gear will dry quickly over the night.

YOUR LUGGAGES Try to go as light as possible and take only essentials. Excess baggage can be a burden to you and to our support personal. Keep in mind that there are limits on how much your duffel bag can weigh because the weight restrictions on international and domestic flights is usually 20 kg (70lbs).

YOUR PERSONAL EXTRA We supply the main meals and a basic snack for the rides. If you have a favorite snack food such as energy bars and protein supplements, we recommend that you bring it along. You can always take it back with you in case you don't need it. Please let us know in advance if you have any dietary considerations.

IN YOUR DUFFEL BAG sturdy and water-resistant, not exceeding 15 kg
  • Warm jacket/wool
  • Clothes and sandals for hut and yoga
  • Extra insulating layer (warm gloves, hat, long johns, trousers, socks, underwear)
  • Headlight or flashlight and spare batteries
  • Toothbrush, paste and soaps
  • Travel towel and swimsuit
  • Your yoga mat (if you bring your own)
  • Your personal pharmacy
  • Good backpack (ca.10l) for daily meals/snack and extra clothes.
  • Wool blend insulating layer next to your body
  • Fleece or wool sweater
  • Biking pants/shorts or outdoor trousers
  • Waterproof jacket and pants/Gore-Tex or similar
  • Cap to wear underneath the helmet
  • Fingerless and full finger gloves for biking
  • Waterproofed winter gloves
  • Good socks/1-2 pairs (wool blend)
  • Body armor is a personal choice, however we would advise kneepads.
  • Winter bike shoes/mountain shoes for biking
  • Extra warm hat/cap (for stops)
  • Down jacket/primaloft (for stops)
  • Sunglasses / Sunscreen / Lip protection (the sun in Iceland is intense)
  • 1l water bottle or camel bag
  • A small thermos for hot drink (optional)
  • First aid kit (lip balm, band aid, sport tape, blister patches for heels, sun protection)
  • Camera
  • Reading and writing material
  • Your favourite snack food such as raisins or chocolate
  • Protein supplements for vegetarian
  • 1 or 2 good bottles of wine or/and beer
  • Most needed spare parts for your bike, if you bring your own
  • If you want to customize your rental bike, consider bringing your own pedals and saddle

The Next Steps: Once your online registration form has been received we will send you a confirmation in form of a ticket for the trip. Please make sure you have read and understand our Terms and Conditions and do not hesitate to get in touch if you still have questions.

Questions? Feel free to send us an email at info@bikecompany.is if you have any questions.





Video from our YOGA- MTB adventure 2018 with images from ARTE Germany. A fantastic week-end with 6 awesome Icelandic girls.


There´s nothing like getting together and sharing a great adventure with a group of like-minded women.
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