All of our trips require some biking skill and at least an average level of fitness is necessary


You don’t have to be an advanced biker, and you don’t have to be super fit for the trips. Most of those who join us have these qualifications to varying degrees and one compensates another. If you lack skill, you may be fine with good fitness, and if you are very skilled, you may do well with less fitness.
Most of our trips are on gravel roads that can be quite rough. Previous mountain biking experience is not required, and you will not be confronted with very technical sections. But there will be some single track and short technical up- and downhill sections that can easily be hike-a-biked for those less experienced.
Our all-mountain trips are demanding and include a mix of single- and double-tracks, some climbing and challenging technical downhill sections. Good fitness is needed as well as some experience in biking off the beaten track.
In addition to all of the above, our demanding trips would include a lot of single-track, considerable climbing, technical downhill sections and long days. Good fitness is needed as well as considerable experience in biking off the beaten track.



As you know, the fitter you are the more fun you’ll have.
Keep in mind that Iceland can be chilly, even in the summer. The weather can change quickly and wind and rain is common.



Our trips take place in remote regions where limited evacuation options are available. Bear in mind, there are always risks and hazards on the trails that we ride. If you choose to participate in our trips, it is up to you to ride well within your limits, to ride conservatively and to be safe as mountain biking is a dangerous sport. Participants must keep their bikes in good working condition; they must be hydrated and rested and alcohol and drugs are not permitted while riding. Our guides have basic first aid training and if a serious injury is suspected they will call for a helicopter search and rescue at the cost of the participant. Personal medical travel insurance is mandatory.