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Joining a tour with Bike Company allows you to experience an adventure while meeting new people, from all over the world. 

Friendship, solidarity and dynamic best describe the ambience of the multiple magic moments when a group of strangers are bound by one single goal…. having a great time on a mountain bike!
There is no need to lose sleep or stress over your biking ability, being the last one or holding people back. The understanding of the various needs, levels and preferences of each and everyone goes effortlessly through in the group.
The tours are adapted to suit each individual’s  needs and preferences. These tours cater for all levels of biking where your guide is always ready to cheer you on and take every pedal stroke of the journey with you. All good bikers appreciate taking time out to take in the beauty of the landscape around them. By the end of the tour everyone cycles together and ponders if this dream they are living is really real.

mtb iceland


You don’t have to be an advanced biker, and you don’t have to be super fit to take part in the tours. Those who join us will have a variety of skills and levels of fitness where one will often compensate for the other. If you lack skills, don’t worry, you may find you have good fitness, and vice versa.

  • Your previous mountain biking experience is from last century
  • Your mountain bike is 10 years old+
  • You have no field experience
  • You have little control of the bike and hesitate when changing gears
  • You are on a mountain bike at least once a year
  • Your mountain bike is less than 3 years old
  • You used to bike a lot, not so much anymore
  • You have some experience in biking off the beaten track
  • You are comfortable climbing and descending down gravel roads and double tracks
  • You are open minded, willing to make an effort on a singletrack
  • You are capable of handling rolling drops and biking over small obstacles on the trail
  • You know when to switch gears and how the breaks works
  • You are fine with being on the saddle for 4+ hours
  • You are shredding around regularly during the mountain bike season
  • Your mountain bike is rather new
  • You know how to change tires and brake pads
  • You love to discover new trails not knowing what is behind the next corner
  • You are comfortable with some challenging technical downhill sections
  • You are fine with climbing, crossing rivers and carrying your bike on your shoulders
  • You can control your speed and breaks down steep hills and through narrow corners
  • You don't mind staying(being) outside biking all day long
  • You always find time to go out to ride
  • You use switchbacks, bunnyhops and jumps when others step of their bikes
  • You are wheeling the easy passage between the single tracks
  • You know every piece of your bike
  • Your bike is always clean
  • You dream about mountain biking
  • Your life is mountain biking
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    As you know, the fitter you are the more fun you will have. We have some day tours for level 1 and 2, but all of our multi-tours require at least level 3 in fitness!

  • You used to be in a good physical form but not any more
  • You can handle a short bike tour for 2+ hours once in a while
  • You are an open minded person, ready to leave your comfort zone for a short while
  • You are physically strong even though you do not practice regularly
  • You are capable of staying 4+ hours on the saddle in windy and rainy weather
  • You can bike for several hours a day for at least three days in a row
  • You are an open minded person, ready to be pushed outside of your comfort zone
  • You exercise at least 3-4 times a week
  • You can stay out all day riding
  • You can ride many hours a day for weeks in a row
  • You are an open minded person, regularly going outside of your comfort zone
  • You could climb Everest tomorrow if you like
  • You are an open minded person, who excels outside of your comfort zone

    All our multi-tours require some biking skills and an average level of fitness is necessary.

  • Only short day trips match this category
  • No previous mountain biking experience is required
  • Gravel and paved roads with easy climbs and limited technical sections
  • Mostly on gravel roads that can be quite rough
  • Occasional single track and short technical up- and downhill sections that can easily be hike-a-biked.
  • Some previous mountain biking experience is required
  • Average fitness is needed
  • Demanding tours that include a mix of single- and double-tracks
  • Includes undulant climbs and challenging technical downhill sections
  • Requires experience in biking off the beaten track
  • Good fitness is needed
  • Includes a lot of single-track, considerable climbing, technical downhill sections
  • Long days in the saddle
  • Requires considerable experience in biking off the beaten track
  • Very good fitness is needed
  • mtb iceland


    Our trips take place in remote regions where limited evacuation options are available. Bare in mind, there are always risks and hazards on the trails that we ride. If you choose to participate in our trips, it is up to you to ride well within your limits, to ride conservatively and to be safe as mountain biking is a dangerous sport. Participants must keep their bikes in good working condition; they must be hydrated and rested and alcohol and drugs are not permitted while riding. Our guides have basic first aid training and if a serious injury is suspected they will call for a helicopter search and rescue at the cost of the participant. Personal medical travel insurance is mandatory.
    mtb iceland