JUNE  2019

We kicked out the highland adventure saison 2019 with a small group of three coming from Australia and Poland. Needless to say, after reading the comments on TripAdvisor, that they were rather happy with the tour as we were.
There was never a dull moment in their company, endless laughs and a positive mindset all through the week.
Welcome back anytime dear Pillip, Stephen and Paul, the world is better with you in it!
One of the absolute best 5 days of my life! From 979phillipv on TripAdvisor
“…And then, the RIDE: think about the most exhilarating, brilliant, sensational rides of your life, and multiply those by many, because this trip incorporates countless breathless moments, a million “wows”, exciting and hair-raising moments, and scenery to die for, again and again. You cross streams, ice flows, skim craters, and touch the sky. If that is not enough, Anna hosted 2 wonderful afternoon hikes, in stunning locations.
Choosing Bike Company was a great decision…”
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