Are you from Vermont and would like to join us for a fantastic MTB adventure in Iceland? You should contact Kingdom Experiences, together we have a 4 day Highland Tour that is simply great.
Kingdom Experiences impression of the 2019 trip:
It’s hard to put into words the last 4 days so we will wrap it into one: epic! Totally and utterly epic!
Our Highlands of Iceland trip was filled with stunning vistas, crater lakes, river crossings, kick ass single track, mid-ride hot spring dips, local beer, spirits, arm wrestling with Icelandic sheep farmers, hike-a-bikes and delicious and authentic local food.
We could not be more grateful for the group we had and cannot wait for next year ́s trip.
Quinn Campbell joined us as a photographer on this trip -big thanks Quinn for the use of your pics!
And thank you all Kings and Queens of Vermont. It was a big honor and a royal privilege to bike with your highnesses!
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