Kolbeinn is a generous, charming skier and a mountain biker who is always in a good mood. He works as an attorney on daily basis and is one of Bike Company’s board members.

Skiing has been part of his life as long as he remembers. That includes all types of skis, cross-country, telemark as well as mountain skiing.
They are a perfect sport to keep him in form in the winter. In the springtime, as soon as the snows melts, he is either on his road or mountain bike.

He likes traveling around the world, with friends and family, to practice those two sports, occasionally participating in competitions. His roster includes Cape Epic in South Africa and Glacier365 in Iceland, among many other small ones.

If you get Kolbeinn as your guide, you can be sure that your trips will be a success. Lucky for us he is willing to take off his business suits and guide for us whenever needed.
With a little good fortune, you‘ll meet him in one of our shorter single-track tours or in our hard-core mountain bike tours.


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